Only 5 Days Left in the Holiday Giveaway

Trendz Santa Is Coming Early!

The response to our kick off Holiday Giveaway has been amazing and
in just over 5 days we plan on making 25 Trendsetters very happy!


Just in case you’ve missed the buzz and haven’t gotten your entries in yet for a chance to win of our fantastic prize packages, be sure to visit the: Grand Opening Holiday Contest



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Thank You Goes Out To Everyone Who Has
Supported Us and Participated So Far! 

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  • amanda


  • SK Trendz

    Good luck to you Amanda!! Hopefully you are one of the lucky 25.

  • Gale McCarron

    Hi, i just entered the holiday contest,but I don’t have a cellphone for the text code. I did sign up for the newsletter though. Can I still get points? If not, that’s ok. Thought I’d ask.

    Fae ladybug

  • SK Trendz


    Thank you for entering! I’m sorry to say there isn’t a way for me to add extra points to the rafflecopter system for you (I wish I could since you I’m sure you would have if you could have done the text points options) — the good thing about using a software program like that is there is no way for us to manipulate or change peoples entries or hand pick winners or do anything that could ever be construed as ‘messing with the results’ —- the bad part is a situation like yours!

    I do wish you the best of luck and it only takes one entry to win one of the 25 prize packages!

  • roselyne kirchoff

    Thank you so much for offering this contest, I hope your own dreams come true.

  • SK Trendz

    Thank you Roselyne! It’s been pretty fun so far meeting new people and watching all the entries come in. And we really hope everyone sticks around to see what else we roll out in the future with We have some great priced products coming out and some more fantastic giveaways to keep the fun coming.

    Good luck on the giveaway and thank you for coming by.

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